Published: CABEQ 22 (2) (2008) 213–220
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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Optimization of In-situ Electro-oxidation of Formaldehyde by the Response Surface Method

R. Saravanathamizhan, P. A. Soloman, N. Balasubramanian and C. Ahmed Basha

This investigation attempted to study electrochemical oxidation of formaldehyde at lower concentrations. Experiments were carried out in a batch electrochemical reactor using commercially available RuO2 coated titanium and SS as anode and cathode respectively and covering a wide range in operating conditions. Further, the statistical tool Response surface methodology by Box-Behnken design was used to examine the influence of individual parameters on electro-oxidation of formaldehyde, and the quadratic model for formaldehyde removal efficiency was derived. It was observed that the model predictions match well with experimental values with a R2 value of 0.999.

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In-situ electro-oxidation, formaldehyde degradation, response surface methodology, Box-Behnken design, optimisation