Published: CABEQ 23 (4) (2009) 399–409
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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A Multicomponent Lattice Boltzmann Model for Multiphase Convection, Diffusion, and Reaction in Two Dimensions

J. M. Parker and G. N. Jovanovic

The lattice Boltzmann method is a promising technique for modeling of multiphase fluids. In this paper, a multicomponent multiple-relaxation-time (MRT) model is developed for mass and momentum transport. In this model, diffusion of mass is defined in a fundamentally correct manner – gradients of chemical potential are the driving force for this movement. As a result, distinct fluid phases form or disappear as a result of diffusion toward a local chemical equilibrium. Numerical analysis of the model proves that the desired mass and momentum transport is being achieved and the multiphase performance of the model is tested numerically.

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