Published: CABEQ 24 (1) (2010) 67–73
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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Reactive Extraction of Propionic Acid Using Aliquat-336 in 2-Octanol: Linear Solvation Energy Relationship (LSER) Modeling and Kinetics Study

A. Keshav, K. L. Wasewar, S. Chand and H. Uslu

Reactive extraction is an important recovery method for extraction of propionic acid from dilute streams, providing numerous advantages like high selectivity and recovery. Equilibrium and kinetic study of reactive extraction is essential to choose a proper extractant-diluent for acid recovery and ascertain the kinetic parameters essential for design of the process. In this paper, the linear solvation energy relationship (LSER) modeling of reactive extraction of propionic acid using Aliquat 336 in 2-octanol as diluent was presented to obtain the model parameters. Also, the kinetics of extraction in stirred cell was presented to explain the progress of reactive extraction of propionic acid using Aliquat 336 in the diluent. The reaction was found to be fast pseudo first order. To design the reactor to carry out reactive extraction, the kinetic parameters evaluated are essential. Modeling using LSER model predict a close resemblance of experimental data.

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Propionic acid, reactive extraction, Aliquat 336, LSER model, kinetics, stirred cell