Published: CABEQ 24 (1) (2010) 23–28
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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Controllability and Operability Analysis of Heat Exchanger Networks Including Bypasses

S. Hernández, L. Balcazar-López, J. A. Sánchez-Márquez and G. González-García

In this paper, the influence of bypasses in heat exchanger networks on theoretical control properties and closed-loop behavior was investigated. According to theoretical control properties obtained using the singular value decomposition technique, the presence of bypasses increases flexibility of the heat exchanger network. This result was corroborated using closed-loop dynamic simulations using a proportional integral controller and a proportional integral controller with dynamic estimation of uncertainties. The heat exchanger network including bypasses outperformed the dynamic behavior of the heat exchanger network without bypasses. Moreover, closed-loop dynamic responses were improved significantly using controllers with dynamic estimation of uncertainties.

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Heat Exchanger Network, control properties, bypasses