Published: CABEQ 36 (3) (2022) 195-205
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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Comparison of Sulfur Dioxide Removal Reactions Kinetics by Na2CO3 and Other Different Sorbents from Coal-fired Power Plants

I. O. Bibalani and H. Ale Ebrahim

This work deals with kinetic parameters estimation of Na2CO3+SO2 reaction employing sophisticated random pore model. The temperature of experiments ranges from 100 to 250 °C, and various SO2 concentrations are within 0.13–1.12 vol.%. According to the results, the reaction rate concentration dependency follows the fractional function. The values of rate constants and product layer diffusivities are expressed at various temperatures. Finally, it was attempted to describe the significance of this sorbent for SO2 removal. Therefore, the kinetic results of Na2CO3+SO2 reaction were compared with other similar studies on SO2 reaction kinetics with CaO, CuO, and MgO sorbents. It was concluded that Na2CO3 shows advantages of higher rate constants, lower operating temperatures, and less possibility of incomplete conversion problem. The reported kinetic constants are essential for design of flue gas desulfurization reactors, especially in coalfired power plants.

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Na2CO3 sulfation, CaO sulfation, CuO sulfation, MgO sulfation, kinetics