Published: CABEQ 25 (2) (2011) 195–201
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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Studies of Heat Transfer for Water-Diesel Two-Phase System in a Spiral Heat Exchanger

S. Sathiyan, M. Rangarajan and S. Ramachandran

In the present study, the main objective is to evolve a correlation to predict liquid-liquid two-phase heat transfer coefficients in a spiral plate heat exchanger. Experimental studies were conducted in a spiral plate heat exchanger using the liquid-liquid two-phase system of water-diesel in different volume fractions and flow rates as the cold fluid. Experiments were conducted by varying the volumetric flow rate and temperature, keeping the volumetric flow rate of hot fluid constant. The two-phase heat transfer coefficients were correlated with Reynolds number, Prandtl number and volume fraction in the form Nu = a (Re)b (Pr)c (ψ)d. The data obtained from fresh experiments were compared with the predictions of the obtained correlation. The predicted coefficients showed a spread of ± 12 % in the laminar range, indicating the potential use for practical applications.

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Spiral plate heat exchanger, Reynolds number, Nusselt number, Single-phase and two-phase heat transfer coefficients, volumetric flow rate