Published: CABEQ 25 (2) (2011) 147–157
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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An Effective Method for Establishing the Stage and Reflux Requirement of Three-product Dividing Wall Columns

I. Dejanović, L. Matijašević and Ž. Olujić

This paper introduces an effective method for determination and optimisation of stage and reflux requirement of a three-product dividing wall column, arranged within a commercial software package by combining a fundamentally sound shortcut method providing reliable initial guesses and a detailed, four-column model, which appeared to be the most flexible among possible configurations, for both steady state and dynamic simulations. The applicability and usability of the method is demonstrated using an industrially relevant, platformate splitter application in an aromatics plant of a petroleum refinery as the base case. Results of this study indicate that compared to actual, two-columns- in-series configuration, a dividing wall column requires approximately 43 % less energy to deliver three fractions at required product specifications.

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distillation, energy saving, thermally coupled columns, dividing wall columns