Published: CABEQ 34 (3) (2020) 131-148
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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A Simple Method for Finding Optimal Paths of Hot and Cold Streams inside Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers to Reduce Pumping Cost in Heat Exchanger Network Problems

V. Sadri, H. Soltani and S. Rahimzadeh

In this paper, a simple method is presented for the synthesis and retrofit of heat exchanger networks (HENs) by considering pressure drop as well as finding proper path of streams inside heat exchangers (HEs) to reduce the pumping cost of network. Generally, HEN problems lead to MINLP models which have convergence difficulties due to the existence of both continuous and integer variables. In this study, instead of solving these variables simultaneously, a combination of Genetic Algorithm (GA) with Quasi Linear Programming (QLP) and Integer Linear Programming (ILP) was used for solving the problem. GA was used to find optimal HENs structure and streams paths, whereas continuous variables were solved by QLP. For the retrofit of HENs, a modified ILP model was used. Results show that the proposed method has the ability to reduce the cost of annual pumping due to considering optimal paths for streams in the HEs compared to the literature.

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synthesis and retrofit of HENs, pumping cost, genetic algorithm, quasi-linear programming, integer linear programming, optimized streams path