Published: CABEQ 34 (1) (2020) 25-33
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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Mixed Oxides as Successful Sorption Materials for Some Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

E. Vrbková, E. Vyskočilová, A. Semrádová, L. Sekerová and L. Červený

Mixed oxides based on Mg-Al, Mg-Fe, Zn-Al, and Ni-Mg-Al were prepared, characterized and used as sorption materials for different types of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)– nicotinic acid, salicylic acid, ibuprofen, paracetamol and ascorbic acid. Immobilization of APIs on solid supports was confirmed using X-Ray diffraction and infrared spectroscopy. Overall, the best sorption material for mentioned substances showed to be mixed Mg-Al oxides (>80 % of immobilized substance after 4 h except ascorbic acid). On the other hand, Mg-Fe and Mg-Ni-Al materials did not possess high sorption capacity (max. 59 % after 4 h). From studied substances, the immobilization amount was the lowest in the case of ascorbic acid (max. 44 % immobilized after 4 h), the highest amount was immobilized in the case of salicylic and nicotinic acids (>95 %, 4 h). The discussion regarding the structure of substances and properties of sorption materials is also offered.

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API immobilization, sorption, mixed oxides