doi: 10.15255/CABEQ.2017.1241

Published: CABEQ 32 (4) (2018) 523–533
Paper type: Original Scientific Paper

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Model-based Identification of Some Conditions Leading to Glycolytic Oscillations in E. coli Cells

G. Maria, M. Mihalachi and C. Luminita Gijiu

Autonomous oscillations of glycolytic intermediate concentrations reflect the dynamics of the control and regulation of this major catabolic pathway, and this phenomenon has been reported in a broad range of bacteria. Understanding glycolytic oscillations might therefore prove crucial for the general understanding of the regulation of cell metabolism with immediate practical applications, allowing in silico design of modified cells with desirable ‘motifs’ of practical applications in the biosynthesis industry, environmental engineering, and medicine. By using a kinetic model from literature, this paper is aiming at in silico (model-based) identification of some conditions leading to the occurrence of stable glycolytic oscillations in the E. coli cells. (This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.)

reduced dynamic model, glycolysis, Escherichia coli, oscillation occurrence, in silico determination of glycolytic oscillation conditions